Bounce Safe at Bounce Street!

Let go of your fears and have the time of your life bouncing, we’ve got your back.

We here at Bounce Street take your safety very seriously. Our safety policy is set out as per International Standards. All the walls and surfaces around the trampoline area have been covered by the finest-grade of padding material.  Our entire park has been designed and constructed with one main motto- your safety!


We Ensure You Stay Safe

Let’s be realistic, like every other sporting activity, there is a risk of injury while on a trampoline too. But our goal is to beat it by following the right rules and guidelines. Keeping on par with international standards, we have exhibited a crucial set of rules throughout the park for your convenience. In addition to that, each section has its own set of rules to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

The Park’s Safety Planning

All the trampolines at the park are protected by thick paddings made of high-quality material. Such design and construction ensure safety and comfort for all bouncers.

We Provide Expert Supervision

The whole trampoline park is systematically monitored by our well-trained staff. They are friendly and are ready to help you at every stage. More importantly, they have essential expertise in trampoline and similar sporting activities. Each section of the park will be manned by our staff that will guide you through the rules and ensure you have a safe experience.

We Also Provide Grip Socks

Grip socks help maximise grip, thus ensuring safety. They are also important for general hygiene. It is important that every jumper wears these grip socks which will be provided to you at the venue itself.

We Offer Training So That You Bounce Like a Pro

Apart from guiding and assisting you with safety measures, we also conduct training classes so that you can bounce like a superstar. Please visit the help desk at the venue to know more about it.

Special Attention is given to the Kids Section

We have a special area for kids between 3 to 6 years of age. We have trained staff who will warrant your little ones stay safe while trampolining.

All our users are required to sign a Waiver Form

When it comes to rules and guidelines, we make sure all our users are aware of it, for which it is mandatory to sign a waiver form acknowledging their agreement to the rules and conditions of the park and waiving their rights accordingly.  You can find the Waiver Form here, along with all the terms and conditions you need to know.

We Take Feedback and Advice Seriously

We consciously ponder over all feedback and advice from our bouncers. We believe together we can make Bounce Street the best of the best trampoline parks out there.


We’re doing our part, but safety is a combined effort.

Accidents can happen, nonetheless when you stay conscious and follow the rules you can cut that risk to zero per cent.